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Born on August 31st
From Kanagawa Prefecture
On November 5th, 1978, Anri released her first song “Oribia wo Kikinagara”. This song, which she recorded the previous year in Los Angeles at the age of 16, was a huge hit and was launched the start of her incredible journey as a recording artist over 40 years ago.

In 1982 “Omoikiri American (Totally American)” became another top hit. The following year Anri had 2 hit songs, “Cat’s Eye” and “Kanashimi ga Tomaranai (Can’t Stop the Loneliness)”. At this point, she became the top singer of the 80’s City Pop Music genre. Since then she has written songs for movies, dramas, dance music, as well as TV commercials.

In 1987, she collaborated with the local Hawaiian band Kalapana and was the first Japanese pop singer to have a very successful concert in Hawaii. She received rave concert reviews by local media. Anri had a total of 7 successful concerts in Hawaii.

“Summer Candles”, “Snowflake no Machikado (Snowflake on a Street Corner)” and “Dolphin Ring” are some of her many "Classic Hit" songs. Her album, “Circuit of Rainbow” in 1989 won the 31st Japan Record Award as the Album of the Year.

In 1991, the “UNICEF Live” event was held at the Yokohama Arena. The event was in support of the relief for the Children of Africa. Anri performed and was involved in the production. She led the Charity Live Concert to be a magnificent event.

In 1998, she released “Share - Hitomi no Naka no Hero” as the official theme song for the Nagano Winter Olympics. She sang the song “Furusato (Hometown)” at the closing ceremony, which was broadcast around the world.
In the same year, she became the tourism ambassador for New Zealand, introducing the "Manuka Honey" and "Cloudy Bay” wine to Japan. They are both well-known in Japan now.

From 2008 to 2009, Anri served as the first Fujisawa City Tourism Ambassador.

In 2010, Anri sang the Japan Airlines theme song, “I Will Be There with You” written by David Foster.
The Japanese lyrics are written by Yumi Yoshimoto. The video of Japan Airlines airplane taking off as Anri sings the theme song has been well received by passengers.

In 2018, celebrating her 40th Anniversary, Anri released her original album, "ANRI”.

2019 March, Anri recorded 3 songs with legendary drummer Steve Gadd and his band in Los Angeles. "Duke’s Anthem - Hoshizorano Dokokade (Somewhere in the Starry Sky), “Wasurerarenai Okurimoro (Unforgettable Gift) and “Crescent Moon”.

Anri has been recording overseas since her debut. She has often collaborated with non-Japanese artists and musicians. She performed duets with well known recording artists Peabo Bryson, Philip Bailey (Earth Wind and Fire), Jonny Gill (New Edition, LSG) and Michael Franks. She was also the first performing artist in Japan to use foreign dancers in her concert.

The last 40 years have been non-stop for Anri. She's been busy producing, composing, and writing lyrics and music for her numerous album releases, and for other artists as well. She’s been active in Japan as well as abroad.

Anri has introduced Japanese music to the world. Now, City Pop Music is popular among young people in Europe and in the United States. Anri, who started City Pop, continues to enjoy the attention and is still in the spotlight.

Anri is also an icon for her lifestyle as well as her fashion.